FORT’s 1st Birthday 2024

Monday (Bank Holiday) 27th May 2024 at FORT

Can you believe it’s been a whole YEAR since we opened the doors of FORT? And now we are celebrating our birthday AND launching our very own in-house print studio?

After thousands of collective hours of volunteering to make FORT possible and hundreds of people from our community through our doors for tattoos, workshops, film screenings, socials, sign making days, piercings, massages, meetings, collaborations, training, building, fixing, printing, making and inventing… We are so proud to continue into our second year.

We said we will build our own homes and find our own heavens and it’s only just starting to settle in how real that idea has become.

So come CELEBRATE with us! This event is a fundraiser to help us raise enough for a safety net to pay our expenses for the quieter months and in case of emergencies.*

We will be having a tattoo flash day, piercings by Alex (they/them) @hoodpierced, a clothing/art/print sale, workshops at @fort.printshop and we will be launching FORT merch. You’ll get to make your mark on our official merch and watch it being designed and made live in front of you. You’ll even get a chance to print your own! Bring a T-shirt, hoodie, trackie bottoms or whatever you would like to print onto and learn how it all works.

We aim for this to be a social space too so even if you’re not being tattooed / pierced, we encourage you to come hang out, be in a sober queer space, have some food and non-alcoholic drinks, and in the evening we’ll celebrate by cutting our birthday cake made by the amazing @kweenkreams

❗️We don’t share our address publicly for safety reasons. We are located in Stoke Newington right by the Overground station. You will receive exact address details in an email nearer the time after signing up.

Tattoo information

Our doors will open at 11am for the tattoo flash day. 8 of our artists will be working at the following times:

11AM to 3PM – Ash (they/them) @doodle.poke
11AM to 3PM – Violet (she/her) @voidplugs
11AM to 3PM – Pelin (they/them) @teaglitch
11AM to 3PM – Venom (she/they) @drippingv3nom
3.30PM to 7.30PM – Ally (they/them) @ursogayx
3.30PM to 7.30PM – Sylver (he/they) @pissxie.jpg
3.30PM to 7.30PM – Tommy (they/them) @squarepegtattoo
3.30PM to 7.30PM – Ems (they/them) @alien_ink_

Artists’ flash sheets are below and are also posted on Instagram. We encourage you to have a look at the flash sheets before booking your arrival time.

Slots for the tattoo flash day and for piercings can be booked. Please note that without a booking we cannot guarantee a slot as previous flash days have usually been fully booked.

* As successful as our ideas have been, keeping a non-profit queer space open in 2024 is precarious. We currently operate at just enough to pay our rent, with nothing left over for emergencies or to pay everyone who works here. We also want to be able to offer more free and affordable community events, workshops, screenings etc and having some more money in the bank will help us do this. The launch of the print studio will make us more financially flexible and sustainable long term, but for now we still rely on the occasional fundraiser to pay big bills and emergency expenses. We’ve seen many queer spaces close down over the past years and we are determined we won’t be one of them.